Monday, March 8, 2010

My Life In Vignettes - The Foyer

We own a little 1928 Queen Anne... bought it about 10 years ago & I told my husband that it had all kinds of character. Well, it did - but it was also a bit of a fixer upper. I didn't really find my inner artist or know what I really liked for decor until we moved here. I remember returning from Germany 20+ years ago with all this crystal, porcelain, huge massive oak furniture, paintings & a friend saying to me; "It's really lovely, if you were maybe 35 or 40. I really don't think you know what your style is yet." And boy was she right!

I didn't realize what a texture girl I was...that I loved colors... dimensionality & grouping treasures together that people wouldn't expect. Dare to be bold! I was finding that out about myself in my jewelry design, but I had only just hit the tip of the iceberg in my home.

I made it my mission...."out with the new, in with the old." Ten years later, I am pretty content with the colors in my home even still & I tweak a little bit on finding old treasures. There is no area that I wont collect...from rugs to glass, pottery to wall art - anything is fair game. The more unique, the better. I also believe that because I adore doing non-traditional visual display of my jewelry with vintage props, that it has trickled down into my home life. Thus, "My Life In Vignettes," because I really do feel this is how it has evolved.
From time to time, I will be photographing other parts of the house. I am totally interested in learning about those of you who have allowed your art & creativity to kind of spill out into your home decor.
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  1. We just moved to an old house in AZ where the old treasures abound.
    Glass, stones and rusty bits intermingled with antique treasures are quickly filling up almost every surface in our home.
    My husband has a gift of arranging his collections as I'm more likely to turn them into something in the studio.
    He also has been bringing home loads of beautiful rocks and literally paving parts of our yard.


  2. I've nominated your blog for a Sunshine Award. Details are on my blog:

  3. It was good to see you seeking more treasures at JBW yesterday. I loved the vignettes displayed on your blog. You have many talents my friend!

    Love from your #1 Earring Fan,
    Mary Ellen