Sunday, April 4, 2010

Funkymom & The Family - Part II - Spring Break!

I always reminisce to the days when I was younger & had more energy to be "super mom" and able to fulfill everyone's needs, requests & desires... ah yes, to have that ability again. As I am fully in my middle-age years now, I am less patient, a bit crabby & less likely to "turn it on" and show everyone a good time. Maybe I drank the koolaid this week, I don't know, but somewhere that crazy, energetic mom of yester year came creeping slowly to the surface & I was able to pull it together. Minimal arguments, everyone was happy & along for the ride. A truly rare occasion, given the age & gender differences. But somehow my kids all came together this week & we had a super time!

Okay, so the week started out slow...I have to admit. I worked for my friend in her boutique on Sunday. And now that I'm older, I always seem to need a day of recuperation. Can you tell I've been out of the daily grind for 16 years? What would I do if I had to get up everyday & do a 9 to 5 job? I'm sure I'd find my way back into it, but after all this time, I guess I am conditioned to the fact that if I have to work really hard for a day, I must have a day to rest! However, the eldest did have sleepovers two days in a row... the middle & youngest tramped on the mega trampoline in our backyard most of the weekend.

On Tuesday we had some dental appointments late afternoon. So we went to see Diary of A Wimpy Kid...but the eldest went off to see Bounty Hunter instead. That's okay...I understand, not every movie is for everybody. They were satisfied that they at least got to do SOMETHING. As they heaved & sighed...worried that they were going to be bored to death this week.

Wednesday we set off for Chicago & spent the entire afternoon at the Museum of Natural History. We have been to every other museum in the city except this one. The older two seemed to thoroughly enjoy it, while the youngest was getting a little bit tired of the walking. So we cut our time short, & since we got a family membership, I know we'll go back. It was a beautiful day on the lakefront & since we were right there on Museum Campus, we sat on the concrete edge while the kids teased those poor water fowl swimming at our feet with rocks when they were really looking for food. Of course by this time everybody was we went to our favorite kid-friendly place to eat, Ed Debevics. I also think the kids enjoy it so much because it's the one place they are allowed to be belligerent - because part of the "atmosphere" is purposely rude wait staff. Of course we had to tame the boy... he was getting a little out of hand in the mouth. My girls did their daddy proud, throwing down on a slab of ribs (oldest) and a HUGE chili cheese dog (youngest). We rolled our way outta there. To wait out the wonderful after work traffic, we made a quick stop over to an old family friend, & then we were off home.

Thursday was supposed to be a gorgeous day...80 degrees & for some reason I was still feeling super adventurous, so I figured what the heck - lets go back into the city to the beach! We met up with a former classmate of my eldest daughter & spent the afternoon at Foster Beach. Where the boy daringly submerged his body in icy Lake Michigan (crazy kid) and played soccer with his younger sister & the eldest got to spend time chatting up her girlfriend. I sat & watched, sipping my iced mocha & read a book, because when I woke up this morning, I almost felt like I had a hangover - apparently not used to all this activity. Glorious! We were right in the area of the city that my daughter's friend described as "Vit Town" which has a largely Vietnamese population. So after a little prodding, I encouraged her to take us to her favorite place to eat & order for us so that we would have the opportunity to experience the authentic cuisine with someone who knew her stuff! I could not believe it!! ALL of my children tried everything & enjoyed it. I'm sure if you are a parent you surely know, it's no easy feat to get all your kids at the table to enjoy and eat everything placed before them. There is always at least one crinkling their nose at something. So, I was super thrilled that everyone kept an open mind and enjoyed trying something new. A little bit of traffic - then we were home.

Friday was a bit different. Dad was home...after a long week on the road to Sacramento, CA. For those of you who don't know, my husband has spent almost 14 years on the road in support of his family. A wonderful provider, but this latest assignment as he hits middle age is kicking his butt a bit. It's a lonely life to lead...I believe, spending your entire week living out of a suitcase & eating out all the time & very little socialization. But it is with superb diligence & dedication that my husband continues to provide for us - and for that, I am forever grateful. So, dad was a little bit crabby. Five-hour plane ride which includes a layover in Denver & a 3-hour time change. I went back into the city for our 3rd & final day with our eldest to visit some old family friends we hadn't seen in a long time. The other two remained with dad & were supposed to see a movie...BUT that didn't quite work out - apparently there was a squabble in the van which prompted dad to turn around & go home. Ah...but tomorrow is another day. So after a great visit with our old friends & a brief sit in traffic, I got this wild idea that I wanted to do a yummy dinner on the barbecue for the family. So, quick stop to the grocery store...onwards home & halfway through unloading the groceries my husband saw me kind of shrivel up. Ha! What was I thinking? Well, apparently he realized I had surely planned for much more than I could handle, so he took us out for dinner.

Saturday found me with a bit of energy to run some errands in the morning, but by afternoon I was fast fading & feeling ill. The children had redeemed themselves so off to see Avatar they went. I loaded up on sicky meds & spent the rest of the day in bed... Dad was even super enough to take the kids to an annual Spring party that we get invited to. He came home with an extra teenager for an overnight, to which I was very grumpy about, but I feel asleep and was none the wiser.

So here we are at Sunday...I'm still not feeling 100%, the kids are a little tired, but happy. After this, I'll be packing dad's suitcase for his evening flight. A busy, fun filled week was had by all. No regrets, lots of fun and so glad that some of the "old mom" was back for the week and found her way back to the surface to create an environment where there was little bickering & much fun had by everyone!

Until next time...