Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Be the 50th follower of my blog & receive a custom-designed vintage beaded pendant on sterling silver chain! The above are personal designs just as an example... The lucky winner will be able to choose the bead colors of their choice :) And I thank you in advance to all of you participating. I will hold giveaways in the future to my present audience so that others will have a chance to win. You rock!


  1. Hi Lisa- I just became a follower. You inspire me! I've had a jar of broken jewelry that I've been keeping for years. So far I've been using it to make zipper pulls for the bags I make but after seeing your beautiful work I'm inspired to try something more (although somewhat of a jewelry making nubie). Best of luck for continued success! ~Corinne @ Bagalicious,

  2. Hey Lisa,

    I am so glad that you were able to spend time with me today! The Green Tea Ice Cream was delicious!

    Mary Ellen

  3. Corrine...thanks so much for your kind thoughts! Try something new...don't give up. It took me 2-4 years to really perfect my skills and really get my "eye."

    Miss Mary Ellen! It was fun to spend time with you & your hubby...listening to your humorous stories about marriage. Glad you enjoyed the ice cream...and I figured out why we're not seeing you on followers up front. Because you don't have a picture, all followers without a picture are at the end. xoxo lisa