Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Got The Blues!!!!!!!!!

And boy do I have the winter blues bad! Going on week 3 here of no ambition, LOL! I want to be motivated...really I do! BUT, something is holding me back.

With that said, I do want to say welcome to all my new followers. Thank you for finding me interesting & crazy enough to listen to what I want to say :)

On a positive note, I did have the opportunity to go with my good friend Lynne and 2o year boutique owner to the Deerfield Clothing Show For you designers out there - the spring color trends are brights! Orange, yellow, green & turquoise. I finally feel that I'm at a point in my career & inventory that I can start designing now for Spring & feel a bit ahead of the game. Instead of all this "realtime rush" where I am designing in the specific season. NUTS!

I am looking forward to going to going to the Midwest Vintage Clothing, Jewelry & Textile Show held annually @ The Hemmens Cultural Center in Elgin, IL It's held 2/26 & 27 & I love going Friday night when you can dress vintage & get a reduction on your entrance fee...fantastic caterer provides wonderful food & there is a vintage band...and of course you can have a cocktail. It's always fun to browse around with some wine, LOL.

There are several vendors who I only get the opportunity to see once a year & I look forward to catching up with them & seeing what goodies they may have in store for me to acquire & repurpose. I get some of my most extraordinary finds from some of these dealers.

Okay...I'll close now, because I know its not so peppy this time :) I have to find my feature list for doing the People Who Have Touched My Life...Touched My Art Series...maybe that's why I am frustrated!

Two more things: I am thrilled to be a new member of the VESTies! Vintage Etsy Society Team. This is spearheaded by my good friend & ardent supporter Martha of OpenDoorStudio Martha is so savvy at finding some way cool vintage finds. It is her idea to bring together people across the country, with a concentration of people in Illinois to discuss & share on different levels about their vintage shops and artisans who re-create with vintage finds. More about us on our blog @

Secondly, I am running a contest on twitter that my 650th follower will receive custom designed earrings

Promise to be back soon, in much better spirits & with some fabulous photos & stories to share!


  1. Good luck in motivation..with this weather!
    But everything you do seems to be so fresh and inspirational!
    I would never think you had a problem.

  2. dianaj - you are too sweet! When I do decide to design, I do get serious. But I am a feast or famine type of gal... I'll do 50-75 designs in 1-2 weeks & walk away for six.