Sunday, November 1, 2009

Funkymom & The Family I

We're a pretty interesting bunch. Mom is is left. An extremely independant eldest child, a consciencious second child and the youngest who is turning out to be as right brained as her mom!

The eldest celebrated her 16th birthday this week. Ah yes... I truly felt my age. Where has the time gone as she went out several times this week at the urging & encouragement of her youngest sibling to have behind the wheel time with her dad.

This was a full weekend for our family. Twenty crazy kids stressing the post holes on our deck as they danced the night away in October night coolness - but they didn't care. Ah, to be that carefree again, instead I was shivering every time I went in and out of the house to pick up after them.

Of course the Halloween happenings of trick or treating with your friends, four extra kids spending the night & the youngest child sadly not having the plans she had hoped for with a little disappointment. Next year will be better! The nice thing about this year's festivities is that this is probably the second time in the past 10 years that dad was home for everything. Traveling full time in support of your family leaves little time for events & holidays. It was nice to have him home.

I had to chuckle when the youngest told him "make sure you are nice & smile at the little kids coming for candy." Hah!

Until next time...

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