Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Here I am World! It's Me....Lisa!

As I sit here for the very 1st time, writing my very first blog, I am excited. I know... I know... it's silly & its also VERY early (the DH woke me w/his footsteps on the floorboards), so I decided to try & get started on my own, even though my sweet friend Martha said she would help. Okay, here goes nothing!

Welcome to Blast From The Past Designs! This is where those who think they know me... will find out they only know a little bit. And to those who don't know anything about me at all, well... all I can say is if you like quirky unique people with a passion for their art & life, you will definitely be amused!

Follow along with me as I feature weekly (or as I can) about The People Who Have Touched My Art... Touched My Life & the wacky craziness of Funkymom & The Family. I look forward to sharing & getting to know you!


  1. Really?? A blog?? This could be interesting! I'll be anxious to see if you keep up with it!!

  2. I KNOW you will keep up with it! The blog looks great and your Etsy site looks wonderful! so fun working with you!
    you are the best and thanks for fixing my earrings. you are a true artist!

  3. You started your blog on my birthday! I just resurrected my blog recently after a long hiatus. Nice work!